3 Places to Visit When in Jefferson

Jefferson is a historic city and one of the top tourist destinations around the world. The city is located in Marion County in the state of Texas, USA. Visiting Jefferson feels like traveling back in the nineteenth century. In that era, the area was booming with prosperity and wealth complete with petticoats and parasols. Today, Jefferson still gives an insight into the past in the form of exciting museums, quaint antique shops. Here is a look at 3 places to visit when in Jefferson. 

1.   Jefferson Historical Museum

If you love culture and history, you don’t want to skip a visit to the Jefferson historical museum. The museum is a former federal courthouse and post office. It houses artifacts that relate to the history of the city and the broader region of Marion county. You will be intrigued by the four floors of artifacts, old furnishings, antique guns, nineteenth-century kitchenware, and more.

2.   Oakwood Cemetery

When on vacations, visiting a cemetery is something that will not often spring into your mind. However, Oakwood cemetery is an atmospheric site with grand decorative monuments and some unique above the ground graves. This is the final resting place for most of Jefferson’s pioneers and confederate soldiers. You will have a chance to see the famous graves of the tragically murdered Diamond Bessie and outlaws of Bill Rose and Jesse Robinson. 

3.   Historic Jefferson Railway

Also known as Cypress Bayou Railway, the historic Jefferson railway is a narrow-gauge railroad located in Jefferson. The railway is privately owned and offers fantastic rides, especially when you are with your kids and family. The train goes through the piney woods thick forest with beautiful sites on the way. You will also see the confederate gunpowder storage building as well as the blast furnace remnants. 


Jefferson is one of the fun places to be for people looking to chill things up during their vacation. Head to the historic Jefferson City and experience unforgettable moments.